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Dr Heber

Dr Geoffrey Heber is a cosmetic physician who opened Australia’s Heber Davis Clinic, a non-surgical cosmetic medicine practice, in 1988. It was there he recognised the need for high-performance take-home products, which patients could use themselves, to maintain the discernible results they were getting in the clinic. In 1991, Heber founded Doctors Formula – the first Australian distributor of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products to the cosmetic medicine and beauty industries.    

By 1998, determined to improve upon anything available in the market, Dr Heber formed a powerful team of Australian and international formulators charged with creating potent, effective products under the Ultraceuticals label.     

Today he continues to be passionate about ground-breaking ingredients, technologically advanced delivery systems and high-performance techniques. Most important to Dr Heber though, isclinically-proven results. Each Ultraceuticals product isn’t merely created – it’s scientifically tested and proven.

Dr Heber continues to work closely with leading researchers and scientists, to not only uncover up-to-the-minute power-ingredients, but he will continue to search for ever-new ways to improve their delivery into the skin.