Even Skintone Serum Concentrate

Even Skintone Serum Concentrate

Suitable for all skin types. Size: 30 ml

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    This product uses a high level of active ingredients and must only be used by those who have had a thorough skin consultation with a qualified beauty therapist at an Authorised Ultraceuticals Stockist OR are currently using Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum Concentrate.

    We strongly recommend a professional skin diagnosis with an Ultraceuticals Skin expert. Please use our stockist locator to find your nearest Salon or David Jones Store. If you do not have an Ultraceuticals Stockist in your area you may choose to use our online skin consultation or book a Skype consultation with our training team.

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Contains the highest levels of powerful ingredients: AHA, BHA, Bearberry Extract and Niacinamide to dramatically resurface and brighten skintone for a more refined and brighter complexion. Suitable for skin pre-conditioned with Even Skintone Serum and should be used for treatment of advanced skin conditions.



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