Real Visible Results 90 Day Brightening Challenge

Ultraceuticals Real Visible Results 90 Day Brightening Challenge has been developed to showcase the amazing improvement in a clients overall skincare appearance through a combination of Ultraceuticals homecare prescription and treatments tailored to the individual client’s needs. It is a competition between our salon partners to achieve the best possible results for their individual clients. 

Ultraceuticals philosophy is not just to deliver effective and affordable skincare and treatments but also to transform peoples lives. We often receive many testimonials from customers expressing their deep appreciation for Ultraceuticals skincare and treatments as they truly believe that it has transformed their lives and ultimately their self confidence.

“I have been involved in product trial with Ultraceuticals for the past 2 months. This required me to have a series of images taken of my face and I was then sent home with Ultraceuticals cleanser, Mattifying 30+ sunscreen, hydrating lotion and a serum. A month later more images were taken for comparison and this will continue for another 2 months. 

Today I had these images taken for the second time and let me tell you, the results were AMAZING and actually made me a little emotional. I have always been someone who has cleansed and moisturised so it’s not like I haven't attempted to take care of my skin before. I just wanted to share this happiness and give a shout out to an Australian owned company who's results speak for themselves” Helina Manning


To see results you need commitment

Our Skin Experts are the key in delivering the Ultraceuticals promise – Real skincare, Real results.

This is achieved through:

  • Customised Skin Consultation Process
  • Paramedical Treatments
  • Cosmeceutical Skincare
  • Customer Service
  • Aftercare
  • Level of Training & Knowledge


Consider your Clinician as your skin’s ‘personal trainer’. Commitment to your Clinician and their recommended homecare and treatment program over 3 months (90 days)  is the key to achieving your skincare goals. 

While places for our Real Visible Results 90 Day Brightening Challenge have been filled, your Ultraceuticals Clinician is always available to best advise you along your skincare journey.To locate your nearest Ultraceuticals Stockist please visit our Stockist locator


Real Results Revealed…

We pride ourselves on delivering real skincare and real visible results. We've included some photographs so you can see for yourself!

Purpose: Clinical trial to see the effects of the Ultra Brightening Range
Treatment: Ultra Brightening System , A Skin Perfecting Serum, Ultra UV PDM 30+
Results: Hyperpigmentation reduced, clarity restored, texture refined 

Baseline 6 Months



Purpose: Clinical trial to see the effects of the Ultra Brightening Serum
Treatment: Cleanser, Ultra Brightening Serum 1 x daily, Ultra Moisturiser ,  PDM 30+
Results: Skin luminous, brighter, hyperpigmentation reduced 

Baseline 12 weeks



Purpose: Clinical trial to see the effects of the Ultra Clear Range
Treatment: UC Purifying Cleanser, Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion 1 x daily, Ultra Hydrating Lotion Ultra UV PDM 30+
Results: Breakouts reduced, texture refined, clarity restored

Baseline 3 Months

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