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At Ultraceuticals, we strive to help our customers achieve real, visible results that help them feel more confident about their skin. Because we believe that everyone can achieve a beautiful, radiant complexion, we offer effective products to address common skin concerns. That's why you'll find many skin therapists, estheticians, and salon owners who rely on our broad range of results-oriented products - and Activeskin salon is one among many of our official stockists that make use of our treatment menu.

Activeskin is Australia's premier online destination and official stockist of over 140 professional and luxury beauty brands. You can find our Ultraceuticals line of products in their diverse range so you can shop all your needs in one place.

What products are available at Activeskin?

Activeskin is a popular destination for luxury and professional brands across skincare, makeup, body care, fragrance, and hair care. You can purchase our renowned Ultraceuticals range at Activeskin while you're browsing for other self-care essentials to add to your routine. Shop the best cosmetic products and skin beauty products there or at our online stores.

How to choose skincare products at Activeskin?

With the wealth of options in stock at Activeskin, it can be overwhelming to choose the best products that will address your skin concerns. But with these tips in mind, you can find the best products available at Activeskin.

Targets your skin concerns

It's important to take into account your skin concerns first. While people with normal or balanced skin find most skincare products suitable for their needs, many more deal with skin types that can do with a bit more help, whether that's in the hydration department or supporting their skin's moisture balance. Our extensive range in Ultraceuticals caters to normal, oily, dry, very dry, and prone-to-redness skin types, so you can always find the perfect product that will help you achieve your goals in your skincare journey.

Has safe but effective ingredients

If you want to get the most from your skincare products, make sure you research the ingredients first to make an informed purchase. When you click on a product in Activeskin, it will lead you to a detailed product page that will list the ingredients. At Ultraceuticals, we formulate outstanding products with our innovative delivery systems and anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), all while balancing maximum effectiveness and safety. By collaborating with universities and leading researchers, we lead the global market to create cutting-edge and innovative cosmeceuticals that offer users real, visible results to reveal beautiful, firmer-looking skin over time. As Ultraceuticals is Australian owned and predominantly Australian-made, sun protection is at the forefront of our research and development, so you can find products that can offer high protection during sun exposure.


This is another important factor when choosing products at Activeskin - buying is supporting. Making sure your skincare product is produced through ethical practices is key to encouraging positive change. We're extremely proud that Ultraceuticals is widely recognised in the industry for developing award-winning cosmeceutical skincare products certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

Recyclability of product packs and commitment to APCO

Choosing a product that comes in sustainable packaging is key to encouraging more practices that reduce our carbon footprint. While creating a positive impact on our customers' skincare journey, Ultraceuticals also strives to keep the impact on the environment at a minimum. We are committed to pursuing a cleaner, greener future with you.

Now that you know where to buy the best skincare products, shop all your essentials in one place. In Activeskin, you'll find our extensive range that offers moisturisers , cream moisturisers , hydrating serums , eye creams , foam cleansers , and UV sunscreens that can be used in conjunction with our popular Retinol-formulated products. You can also shop them at Ultraceuticals stores or online at our website.

Enjoy free standard delivery with Australia Post for orders shipped to Australia with a delivery time estimate of 3 to 7 working days (regional addresses may take longer to deliver than addresses in the metro).

If you need help with that or you simply want great advice on protecting your skin, you can take advantage of our complimentary online skin consultation . You will thus make certain that the skincare products you use will be the most beneficial to your skin. You don't have to wait to give yourself some love - shop our products online now and experience our range of products that will make you feel refreshed after each self-care routine.

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