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  1. NEW Ultra B2 Hydration Mask - Single Sachet Image
      • Normal
      • Dry
      • Oily
    NEW Ultra B2 Hydration Mask - Single Sachet
    A hydrogel mask featuring panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and peptides to help calm, comfort and restore hydration to the skin. 
    • Single Sachet
  2. Ultra Calming Cleanser Image
    • Cleanse
      • Prone to sensitivity
    Ultra Calming Cleanser
    Perfect for sensitive skin, this ultra mild, protective cleanser gently lifts away surface debris, excess oils and makeup while keeping it calm, hydrated and pH balanced.
    • 200mL
  3. Ultra B2 Hydration Mask Image
      • Normal
      • Dry
      • Oily
    Ultra B2 Hydration Mask
    A hydrogel mask featuring panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and peptides to help calm, comfort and restore hydration to the skin. 
    • 5 pack
  4. Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser Image
    • Cleanse
      • Normal
      • Dry
      • Oily
      • Congested
      • Prone to breakouts
    Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser

    Ideal for congested skin.

    Ideal for congested skin, this lightweight foaming cleanser helps improve surface shine, remove impurities and unclog pores. This cleanser hydrates and conditions skin leaving it deeply clarified and perfectly balanced.

    • 150 mL
  5. Super Serums Image
      • Normal
    Super Serums
    A luxury collection of best-sellers to hydrate, refine and visibly firm skin. Contains an Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser 150mL, Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum 30mL, Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum 30ml, Ultra C Firming Serum 30mL and Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 Hydrating 25mL, which helps prevent premature skin ageing, all in a limited edition beauty bag.
    Valued at $467.00
  6. Hydrating Trio Image
    Hydrating Trio
    A trio of skin-loving essentials to nourish and restore hydration to the skin. Contains Ultra B2 Hydration Masks (2 sheets), Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum 30mL and Ultra Moisturiser Cream 75mL.
    Valued at $256.00
  7. Brightening Trio Image
    Brightening Trio
    A powerful trio to enhance skin’s clarity and luminosity. Contains an Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser 150mL, Ultra Brightening Serum 30mL and Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50
    Hydrating 100mL, which helps prevent premature skin ageing.
    Valued at $321.00
  8. Mattifying Duo Image
    Mattifying Duo
    Keep skin hydrated day and night, without the shine with our Limited Edition Mattifying Duo.
    Valued at $178.00

Need help choosing the right product?

Whatever your skin type, Ultraceuticals has products designed to address your skin concerns.

  • Oily Oily
  • Dry Dry
  • Sensitive Sensitive

Start your skincare journey with a consultation with a highly trained skin expert at your local Ultraceuticals clinic. You can find us in the best salons, spas and medi spas across Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ireland and the USA. Ordering from another international location? Book in for a Skype Consultation.

Professional treatments


Ultraceuticals luxurious facial treatments incorporate potent active ingredients, UltraSonophoresis and massage to address key skin concerns and reduce the visible signs of premature skin ageing. Choose from treatments designed to clarify, hydrate and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing using techniques including deep cleansing and accelerated exfoliation.

Skincare Products

It's not unusual for most people to neglect their skin as if it's not a crucial part of their overall health but the truth is that the skin is your largest organ, and getting the right kind of skincare products can ensure your skin looks good and feels better. If the eyes are windows to one's soul, then your skin is certainly a glimpse of your health and what's going on inside of your body. Paying close attention to your skin's changing needs and providing it with the help it needs to replenish itself is a great self-care habit to develop. Doing so will leave you feeling more confident and comfortable in your natural look.

At Ultraceuticals, we are committed to achieving real, visible results that help our customers feel more confident about their skin. The Ultraceuticals range provides effective products to help combat common skin concerns, as we believe everyone can achieve a beautiful, radiant complexion. Many skin therapists, estheticians, and salon owners rely on our broad range of results-oriented products. Visit our online store and shop your skincare essentials from a trusted brand.

How to pick skincare products?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, so you must figure out what works for your skin type. While people with normal or balanced skin find most skincare products suitable for their needs, many others deal with skin types that can do with more help in the hydration department. No matter what your skincare needs are, Ultraceuticals has got you covered.

Oily skin

Oily skin is characterised by a high level of oil production. There are probably a few tell-tale signs: the most obvious is that by the end of the day, you're either rummaging in your bag in search of some blotting paper or unravelling folds of tissue to remove that extra shine on your nose. If you have this skin type, you may benefit from balancing gel cleansers or clearing foam cleansers that can lift surface-level impurities and unclog pores. The goal is to balance your oil production and not completely strip it away from your skin; otherwise, your skin would compensate by producing even more oil. If you think you don't need a moisturiser because you have oily skin, think again; people with this skin type can also suffer from dehydration. With that in mind, opt for lightweight creams or lotions that can help nourish skin compromised by oily congestion. Oily-skin-friendly options are available to browse in the Ultraceuticals range.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is characterised by tightness or discomfort during cleansing or after showering. Your skin may also look dry and flaky at the end of the day, caused by insufficient oil production. Avoid cleansers that give you a stripping feeling, as that may exacerbate dryness and redness. You'll want to stick to rich emulsions like milky cream cleansers to nourish your skin and leave it supple and hydrated. When it comes to moisturisers to replenish dry skin, intensive cream moisturisers that are rich in texture and boost your skin's humectant (moisture-attracting) properties are recommended. Our extensive range in Ultraceuticals caters to dry, very dry, and prone-to-redness skin types, so you can find the perfect product that will leave you with bouncier-looking skin. Hydrating serums are also excellent to use in conjunction with a moisturiser, so you can give your skin that extra boost of moisture.

Combination skin

If you have combination skin, you can be more strategic when addressing your skin's needs. Some people are usually oilier in their T-zone (i.e., forehead, nose, and chin), yet their cheeks tend to be drier. You can either purchase two products that address the different areas of your face or apply a thicker amount of moisturiser on the drier areas and lighter amounts on the rest.

We highly recommend that you book an online skin consultation with us if you're still unsure about factors like your skin type and which products will work best for you.

Are skincare products safe to use?

Product safety is of top priority at Ultraceuticals. These products undergo various external and internal safety tests to ensure safety before being released for sale. In addition, our products undergo in-clinic trials to demonstrate their real, visible results. Ultraceuticals is widely recognised as a leading company in developing innovative cosmeceuticals that are not tested on animals. We are very proud to have been accredited cruelty free by Choose Cruelty-Free Australia (CCFA). Moreover, our products are formulated without propylene glycol, parabens, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Where can I buy the best skincare products near me?

You can purchase the best hydrating moisturisers and other skincare products online or at our Ultraceuticals stores or from our partner stockists. We also offer eye creams and UV sunscreens that work in synergy for the ultimate skincare regimen. Shop all your needs conveniently in one place.

Enjoy free standard delivery with Australia Post for orders shipped to Australia with a delivery time estimate of 3 to 7 working days (regional addresses may take longer to deliver than addresses in the metro).

If you need help with that, or you simply want great advice on protecting your skin, you can take advantage of our complimentary online skin consultation . You will thus make sure that the skincare products you use will be the most beneficial to your skin. You don't have to wait to be pampered - shop our products online now and experience our range of products that will make you feel refreshed after each self-care routine.

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