3 unexpected culprits that are drying out your skin

As the winter months settle in, many of us are likely to start experiencing drier and tauter skin. While you can put the change down to the shifting weather, you might be surprised to find there are other culprits which could be impacting the look and feel of your skin.

Here we take a look at several ways you might be drying out your skin.

Your everyday shower routine 

As the weather begins to cool, there is often nothing nicer than jumping into a steaming hot shower to warm up. However, overly hot showers aren’t the kindest on your skin. The hot water can actually strip away natural oils, meaning your skin is less effective at retaining its natural moisture. This can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema as well as resulting in dehydration and dry, flaky skin.

If you find your skin goes pink or flushes after contact with hot water, a cooling rinse off with cold water can help to minimise the appearance of temporary redness.

After your shower, it’s vital to apply moisturiser to your face to keep your skin feeling supple and well hydrated. Products such as our Ultra Moisturising Range are a great way to finish off your shower routine, with a potent blend of active ingredients designed to restore vital moisture and support our skin’s barrier function.

Could your shower routine be the cause of your dry skin?


An exfoliating scrub is one way to buff away impurities, also known as mechanical exfoliation. Alternatively a chemical-based exfoliant such as that found in our Even Skintone Range can help to gently remove dead skill cells to reveal a fresh face beneath. However, whichever method you prefer, it is important not to over-scrub, as these types of products can actually be detrimental to your skin if used incorrectly.

For dry-skin sufferers who like to roughly towel off after bathing, a lighter approach is recommended. Rather than rubbing your skin with a towel, patting dry can help to prevent further discomfort.

A toasty hot home can leave your skin feeling dry. A toasty, hot home can leave your skin feeling dry.

Central heating 

If you have skin that tends towards the drier end of the spectrum, warm, dry environments can often heighten your symptoms. Fortunately, our Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser Range can help to add vital moisture to skin subjected to central heating all day long.

While you don’t need to turn the heat off entirely, it could be a good idea to lower the temperature if you are experiencing dryness, or keep our Ultra Balancing Face Mist on hand to combat dryness throughout the day.

If you’re battling with dry skin, book a consultation with one of our skin technicians today to find the best products for you.