Ask the expert: Dr Heber, Ultraceuticals founder

At Ultraceuticals, our highly trained skin experts are always working to help customers achieve their best ever skin.

Our new RVR90 programme combines homecare and treatments to help you achieve real visible results from our products in 90 days. We caught up with Founder and Director Dr Geoffrey Heber on his take on the programme and to find out what makes Ultraceuticals products and treatments powerful enough to deliver such results.

What is the new RVR90 programme all about? 

RVR90 to me is about authenticity and transparency.

We always aim to under promise and over deliver with results that truly live up to our customers’ expectations. We know that our products can deliver real transformational results if used properly during a three month period, and now with this programme we can prove it.

We don’t use celebrity faces or endorsements to promote Ultraceuticals, rather we let the products speak for themselves. I am always proud to have my signature on the products because they are “clinically tested on humans” before release and we know that they work.

What sets Ultraceuticals products apart from others on the market?

We use active ingredients at highly effective concentrations.

My background as one of the earliest and most experienced cosmetic physicians has given me insights into what people expect and need when they seek treatment for cosmetic concerns. We scan the scientific literature for the most effective ingredients and use these ingredients in formulations developed by in-house high level chemists for optimal delivery through the skin barrier.

Our products are clinically tested on humans, and if they pass our high efficacy standards they are then released to market. All our treatment products show improvements in most people in a month with results improving with further use.

Why choose Ultraceuticals?

We don’t only market skincare, we also care for your skin by working only with qualified, professional skin therapists.

Going to a clinic to have a therapist trained by us gain a deeper understanding of your skin and recommend the best product regime is the best first step to take when starting out with our cosmeceutical-level products. This ensures you obtain the best products for your skin, are instructed how to use them to their best advantage. It also helps you to understand what to expect from the products.

What skin concerns can Ultraceuticals help to address?

We have formulated our products to tackle the biggest skincare concerns that most people face today. The common concerns are: fine lines and wrinkles; coarse texture and dull skin tone; hyperpigmentation and age spots; loss of firmness; dryness, skin redness and acne.

Various ingredients, formulated for their effective delivery through the skin barrier and proven by clinical testing of the formulations, can improve all these conditions. We use many different active ingredients but some of the main ones are:

– Retinol: Uniquely encapsulated in a protective wax which melts into the skin

– Microelastin and microcollagen: Peptides that trick the skin into renewing itself by sending the message that our natural collagen and elastin have degraded (you can read more about peptides here)

– Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Can be used at much higher levels than traditional hyaluronic acid without making formulations thick and sticky. Also has an intense moisturising effect and glow

– Pure vitamin C: Much more active than other synthetic vitamin C derivatives, in a high-stability and delivery vehicle

– Niacinamide: Helps in treating almost all the signs of ageing

– Oxyresveratrol: Blocks the main skin pigment-producing enzyme in the skin. As effective as the most commonly medically prescribed ingredient, hydroquinone.

Is it ever too late to start caring for your skin?

It’s never too late to start caring for your skin. Ideally you should protect your skin with SPF throughout your life and start caring for it from young adulthood. However, commencing a regime that uses the most effective concentrations of active ingredients delivered in the right way to your skin at any age will still protect and improve your skin from then on.

I have had before and after photos of clients from my cosmetic medical practice taken years apart in which their skin in the most recent photo looks younger than the skin in the first photo taken years before.

How can I start building good skincare habits? 

The RVR90 programme is a great way to get started on a new skincare regime to make sure your skin is the best it possibly can be.

Your local Ultraceuticals-trained expert clinic or David Jones store can help you design a treatment program to reduce the visible signs of ageing, as well as redness, hyperpigmentation or acne. The RVR90 Homecare Starter Kit contains all the core products that should be part of every skincare regime, plus it’s fantastic value with a bonus full size treatment product.

To find out more about Ultraceuticals products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team. You can also book a professional consultation online with one of our skin technicians.