Mile-high Complexion Perfection

Whether a business trip or holiday beckons, resident Ultra skin expert, Tracey Beeby delivers professional tips to avoid long-haul skin fatigue.

Preparing for a long-haul flight normally starts with outfit prep, followed by travel essentials including passport and foreign currency; and while you’ve probably packed your toiletries and amenities to last your time away, worrying what you can and can’t get through customs — hint, look out for travel-sized products under 100ml — give thought to the trauma (yes, trauma) you’re about to deliver your skin at 20,000 feet.

Avoid high flying skin fatigue

“There are so many elements on a long-haul flight that will wreak havoc on our skin!” says resident Ultra skin expert, Tracey Beeby.

“From cabin air and the foods we eat, to general travel stress and sleep deprivation, it’s no wonder we exit from customs looking far from fresh. But there are some simple tips we can try to help keep the glow in our skin after our flight.”

Dry cabin air is one of the biggest causes of dehydration, bringing out fine lines around the eyes as well as dry, blotchy and flaky skin, dark under eye circles, eye bags and blemishes and dehydration. To help combat this, focus on hydration, hydration, hydration!

Your in-flight superhero, Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum

Your in-flight superhero, Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum

Tracey recommends upgrading your moisturiser to a richer cream for the flight and packing a hard working serum such as the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum, while using the Ultra Replenishing Mask can help fend off the appearance of fine lines. If you find the skin feeling tight or dry, help to keep it plump and hydrated with the Ultra Balancing Skin Mist during the flight.

And while sun damage is not as big a risk on aircraft due to the size of windows, Tracey still recommends applying a product with a broad spectrum SPF especially if you’re sitting in a window seat. This is because the windows on planes do not block UVA rays associated with wrinkling and skin ageing, which can be much stronger at 20,000 feet.

Airline foods can also be rather heavy, which means our bodies require more water to digest them, Tracey explains. Try to make a conscious effort to choose lighter options where available and avoid coffee, soft drinks and alcohol — opting for herbal tea or plain water — your skin will thank you for it when you land, she says.


Tracey Beeby, Ultraceuticals Global Ambassador

Tracey’s TOP TIP

Avoid having the air conditioning nozzle above your seat blasting directly onto your face. By turning it slightly on an angle, you can help to minimise the effect of dry, sore eyes which also make us look and feel worse.

To start your journey to your best possible skin and discuss how you can get the most out your skincare routine whilst travelling, visit your local Ultraceuticals expert clinic for a consultation with one of our qualified Skin Technicians.