More than just a facial: UltraSonophoresis

Here at Ultraceuticals, we like to emphasise to our customers the benefits of applying skincare products to a clean face. It’s a practice that allows the layers of your skin to absorb the formula more efficiently, in order to deliver the best effects.

However, it could be that topical application of your home skincare products can take a little longer to absorb. For the active ingredients to absorb faster, sometimes you need a little extra help.

This where UltraSonophoresis comes in. By harnessing ultrasonic vibrations, it allows your skin to absorb your moisturiser or active vitamins of choice past the first layer and through the barrier that sits between your epidermis and your dermis. This allows the product to penetrate your skin up to a thousand times better than with regular application thereby enhancing the benefits of the active ingredients.

Quick, highly effective and with no ‘down time’, UltraSonophoresis is a treatment that is revolutionising conventional facial treatments.

The technology behind UltraSonophoresis

Low frequency ultrasound technology is the secret weapon behind such great results. Adopted for use in UltraSonophoresis, it creates a more porous surface on your face, allowing active ingredients from our skincare products to permeate the deeper levels of our skin, a process known as transdermal transport.

It does this via the use of ultrasound waves at a resonance of 20 KHz (20,000 cycles per second), which creates tiny bubbles or pockets in the skin’s lipid layer. These newly formed spaces are then quickly filled with your facial product before they close, allowing the vibrations from the ultrasound to propel ingredients deeper into your skin’s layers where they can move through your intact living skin and into your soft tissue to be most effective. Repeated waves targeting an area create more bubbles for even more benefits and better results.

How can I try UltraSonophoresis?

UltraSonophoresis is a non-invasive method that has been proven to achieve greater results than a home treatment. If you are interested in boosting the effectiveness of your skincare, you’ll be glad to hear that we include a session of UltraSonophoresis in all of our professional skin treatments, so that you can experience the best our cosmeceutical products can offer. Get in touch with our team of specialists today to find out more.