What your therapist wants you to know

When it comes to skin, our experienced Skin Technicians have seen it all. We talk to Clare Lamberth from Beauty On Latrobe, Queensland, and Cathriona Flanagan from Face of Man in Sydney about what they wish they could tell all their clients!


Clare Lamberth from Beauty on Latrobe.

Clare Lamberth from Beauty On Latrobe, NSW

What is the biggest misunderstanding clients have when it comes to their skin?

Clare: That results only come from salon treatments. Sure, we do some great things in the salon that can definitely take your results to the next level, however, just like working out and eating bad food after, having pro skin treatments without using good quality skincare does the same thing for your skin.

Cathriona: The one huge misunderstanding I come across, in both men and women alike, is to not put moisturiser on oily skin. As I work with men, I think I come across it more commonly, but I strongly advise and educate all my clients on the importance of using hydrating products to help reduce oil flow. My top product for this is the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum.

What is the skin concern you have treated the most and why do you think that is?

Clare: Up here in sunny Queensland, ageing and pigmentation are our two biggest client skin concerns. We have such a gorgeous climate and outdoor lifestyle here, it’s easy to forget that our city has some of the harshest sun in the world. But thankfully, we live in a wonderful age of modern, science-based skincare and professional treatments. It’s so empowering as a therapist to be able to help clients with their skin.

Cathriona: Coming from Ireland, I never realised what a horrific effect the sun has on our skin and how damaging it is. Since moving to Australia, 95 per cent of the conditions I treat are related to sun damage. I also take care to educate younger clients on the importance of reducing sun exposure and wearing a minimal SPF 30 on a daily basis.

What is the number one Ultraceuticals product you could not live without and why?

Clare: I just adore the Ultra Brightening Serum! As a gal in her 30s, this product is my multitasking must-have! It’s evened out my skin tone and post-acne scarring, faded my pregnancy pigmentation – it’s also a liquid exfoliant, so it unclogged my pores too. Just what every busy woman needs.

Cathriona: The Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum is by far my favourite product – I couldn’t live without it! As I work in an air conditioned environment every day, I find it really dehydrates my skin and fine lines start appearing. This product is like magic for rehydration and making the skin look fresh and supple. It’s the most amazing product especially for long haul flights, so your skin never feels tight!

Cathriona Flanagan from Face of Man.
Cathriona Flanagan from Face of Man, NSW

What is the best piece of advice you can give to your clients to make sure they look after their skin?

Clare: Master the basics first. Often clients want to launch into a super advanced skincare routine with strong serums first, but they still use supermarket cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. For me these basics are essential. They make sure your skin is properly prepared, hydrated, protected and balanced. This is going to allow the results you get with me to happen so much faster. We can start to do some pretty great things with advanced skin treatments without experiencing any sensitivity. It also ensures you’re properly protecting the investment you’re making in your skin with your pro treatments and those more advanced treatment products at home as well.

Cathriona: My 5 top tips for healthy skin are:

  • Wear SPF (minimum 30 in Australia)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep hydrated (Drink +2 litres of water daily)
  • Exfoliate regularly (which allows for maximum penetration of your other products)
  • Reduce stress levels

What do you find are the main causes of skin damage, and what are the best ways to prevent this?

Clare: The biggest cause of skin damage is by far the sun. It’s a big misconception that you have to be tanning or get burnt for damage such as premature lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation to occur. In particular, UVA is the most damaging of the UV rays. It’s a silent ninja that we don’t always feel, and can even penetrate through glass, affecting us when we’re driving or in the office. The best anti-ageing product you can ever use is a high protection daily SPF 50+ sunscreen. Pick one that’s in a moisturiser like the Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser Range, for a multitasking product that makes protecting your skin quick and easy.

Cathriona: I think the main cause for skin damage is overexposure to the sun – it kills off living cells, breaks down collagen and elastin production and causes broken capillaries. It can also lead to overproduction of melanin, which can manifest as pigmentation, sun spots, melanomas, solar keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia… the list goes on. Always wear a high quality sunscreen, even on cloudy days or if you’re driving, as sun rays still penetrate through clouds and glass. If you’re going to be outside for hours, just wear a hat. It’s that easy!

What do you love about being a beauty therapist?

Clare: There is no better feeling than helping a client with their skin. I love being able to stand by their side throughout their skin journey and see the look on their face when they talk about how their skin has improved, or how excited they are to share all the compliments they’ve been receiving from friends, loved ones and even strangers. That is the part of my job I love more than anything. Transforming a client’s life, just by helping them with their skin.

Cathriona: I love being a therapist for a huge array of reasons, but mostly because of my passion to educate clients and give them a proper understanding of how the skin works. I also strive to achieve results and take clients’ skin to a level they never thought possible. When my clients are amazed, I’m very happy!

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