Why is a professional skin consultation so important?

Do you remember when you first started to pay attention to your skin?

Everyone remembers those frustrating mornings as a teenager, when no matter what you tried, you’d find your skin misbehaving. With so many influencing factors, sometimes advice from friends and family wasn’t always relevant, leaving you to soldier on the best you could.

Many of us continue this trial-and-error method of skin care well into adulthood, without taking the time to understand the underlying influences of any particular concerns. However, it’s never too late to put your skin first by visiting a qualified skin therapist, trained to identify and address a range of issues.

Here’s how a professional skin consultation could help.

A qualified therapist will be able to take a closer look at the condition of your skin.A qualified therapist will be able to take a closer look at the condition of your skin.

What is the value of a professional skin consultation?

With so many scientifically advanced, innovative professional treatments and cosmeceutical products available, your first instinct may be to opt for one of these straightaway. However, as quality skin care often requires an investment of both time and money, it’s best to seek the advice of qualified therapist first.

Rather than a five-minute, once-over check, a proper skin consultation will enable your highly trained therapist to get to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and prescribe a course of treatment that is both safe and effective. By skipping this vital step, while your skin may enjoy a pampering, you may find it very difficult to see real results.

What should I expect?

A skin consultation with a qualified professional will last for half an hour at least in the clinic’s consultation room. Your experienced therapist will be aware of any concerns you may have, as well as your medical history and previous treatments.

Be wary of clinics offering free consultations. This is often a strategy used to attract customers, but it doesn’t necessarily ensure the depth and thoroughness that your skin deserves. Often a clinic will charge you a modest fee for a professional consultation, redeemable in products or treatments, making it well worth the investment.

A professional skin consultation is vital in determining the right products for your skin. A professional skin consultation is vital in determining the right products for your skin.

What is an imaging system and why should I insist on making this part of my consultation?

Before you commit to a consultation, be sure to enquire about whether the clinic has an imaging system. With it, your therapist will be able to closely examine any signs of pigmentation as well as vascular or sun damage that may not be visible to the naked eye.

This is educational for your therapist in the process of deciding on treatments, but it can also be incredibly interesting for you as a client. If the clinic doesn’t offer this, we strongly advise you seek out a different place for your consultation.

Before you arrive

What is it that bothers you about your skin? What would you like to change? By clarifying points such as these in your own mind before you arrive, you will be able to better communicate with your therapist what it is you wish to achieve. You should also reflect on the level of commitment you are prepared to make, both financially and with regards to your time.

During the consultation 

Your therapist should make you feel comfortable and at ease, allowing you to be confident in their ability to determine your skin needs. Over the course of your initial consultation, your therapist will acknowledge your concerns, giving you the chance to also communicate your expectations.

Next, your therapist will assess your skin and analyse it using imaging software before discussing the details of your skin’s current condition with you. A treatment plan will then be formulated for your individual requirements, and your therapist will explain what sort of results you can realistically expect to see. They may also perform a patch test, if necessary.

Finally, your therapist may also take a ‘before’ photo, allowing you to look back at your progress at the end of your treatment. You will receive a written report to take with you.

Skin Technicians who work with Ultraceuticals are all highly qualified skin professionals, having undertaken in-depth training on the science of skin to be able to deliver real results. On top of their qualifications, our Ultra expert technicians undertake 20-30 hours of training per year with Ultraceuticals.

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