The Ultra CC range is the perfect way to start the day looking good.

The skin-wise approach to make-up with the Ultra CC Range

Love it or hate it, make-up has been a part of beautification and adornment for millennia, painting the faces of Egyptian Pharaohs, Victorian ladies and mysterious geisha. While in the past, make-up might have been the domain of certain circles, today people from all different walks of life can experiment with various products and techniques to create the perfect look.

If you are a cosmetic fan, you might already be aware of BB and CC creams and formulas that have been introduced over the past few years as the answer to a flawless, natural looking appearance. Rather than caking your skin in a thick layer of foundation, these products work to enhance the natural beauty of your skin, balancing out imperfections for a healthy finish.

If you’ve been looking for the right products to complete your natural, everyday make-up, look no further than Ultraceuticals’ own CC solution – the Complete Correction Range.

The last step in skincare, first step in makeup

As skincare experts, we wanted to create a complementary make-up range that would work alongside other cosmeceuticals to support the appearance of healthy, youthful skin. The result? An all-in-one range of products that help to deliver important ingredients while creating a beautiful natural coverage.

Powder Pure Mineral Foundation

For those who like having a bit of coverage without the weight of a liquid formula, the Ultra CC Powder Pure Mineral Foundation could be the perfect fit for you. However, this is no average mineral powder. Inside the airtight compact you will find Ultraceuticals’ targeted anti-ageing triple-complex as well as conditioning Vitamins C and E.

The triple-milled powder helps to even out the complexion, as well as creating a radiant glow. It comes in five different colours, allowing for a perfect blending with your natural skin tone, and is free of parabens and talcs, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Moisturise before application, and use a kabuki brush to buff onto the skin. Build up to create the level of coverage you want. Fix in place with a light spritz of our Ultra Balancing Skin Mist, for long-lasting coverage.