Professional treatments and daily products can help to get your skin in shape.

Skin care bootcamp : Are skin treatments necessary?

As we grow older, we inevitably come to realise the importance of how putting in the work now can truly pay off later. While this could apply to fitness, relationships and especially your career, it also applies to your skin. 

Your skin can tell a story, from bags under the eyes after sleepless nights, to too much time spent under the sun. However, if you look after it well, your skin can also be a testament to your diligence, retaining its plump, youthful appearance as you mature. 

But in order to keep your skin in the best condition (even if you have partied late or tanned a lot in the past) it's crucial to take a comprehensive approach with both home skin care products and professional treatments. Think of it like cross-training for your skin. 

Building the foundations of a core skin care routine 

Day to day skin care is vital in protecting your skin from toxins and dehydration. Fortunately, at Ultraceuticals, we have a broad range of medical-grade cosmeceuticals products to suit a range of different concerns and skin types. 

However, without an understanding of the state of your skin, you can end up choosing products that are incompatible, or ineffective for your needs – almost like trying to use a piece of gym equipment without being shown how. 

Enter your personal trainer, A.K.A your Ultraceuticals' skin technician. Highly trained, they can analyse your skin's condition and prescribe a range of products to target key concerns and help keep you looking your best. 

Give your skin a boost with professional treatments

Now that you have your core routine in place, switch things up with a professional treatment. All the treatments on our menu use highly effective UltraSonophoresis technology, used for deep cleansing to prep your skin as well as to ensure the optimum delivery of active ingredients. 

You can also upgrade any 45 minute treatment with microdermabrasion, for even brighter, rejuvenated skin. Our Skin Workout treatments are specially formulated to allow for ingredients to be better absorbed through the use of targeted exfoliation. They incorporate Mandelic Acid, Lactic and AHA peels to hit the reset button of your skin, and restore it to its youthful best. 

To find out more about any of our professional treatments, or any of our products, don't hesitate to get in touch with Ultraceuticals today.