Skin-proof Your Exercise Regime

Muscles trump skin when it comes to a regular workout but there’s lots you can do to keep a clear complexion that’s as fit as you are.

A great workout doesn’t have to breakout all over your face

A great workout doesn’t have to breakout all over your face

In the pursuit of fitness and those feel-good exercise endorphins, commitment reaps the best results but it’s our complexions that often play second fiddle when in throws of training. And there’s nothing more frustrating than putting in the effort to exercise and finding that good intentions are triggering pesky spots, pimples and even pigmentation.

Fortunately, the discipline and commitment that keeps you training hard will serve perfectly well when taking care of the skin.


While cleansing is of monumental importance post-workout, you might also want to consider it prior to getting active, especially if wearing full makeup or heavy foundation. When you start to perspire, your pores open, meaning any existing layers of makeup can prevent your skin from breathing naturally.


Preparation is key and that includes a clean complexion

Preparation is key and that includes a clean complexion

Cleansing with a refreshing formula such as Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser  can help to prevent build up of oil on the skin, which can trigger irritation and breakouts. Consider also removing any non-waterproof mascara using Ultra B2 Micellar Solution to avoid panda eyes mid-workout.


Once you’ve cleansed, pick a lightweight sunscreen if you are playing sport or exercising outdoors with Ultra SunActive SPF 50+ Face & Body Lotion  ideally suited to outdoor physical pursuits as it’s fast-absorbing and has a non-greasy finish with 4-hours water resistance.

While you workout

To avoid bacteria on gym equipment transferring onto your face, use antibacterial wipes to clean the surface; and if you tend to dab your face with hands, resist the urge by using a clean face towel instead. Gently pat your face dry rather than rubbing it, as this can help to minimise irritation, especially in sensitive skin.

If you have long hair, or a fringe, keep it back from your face with a hair tie or clips. This is particularly important if using hair products which can clog the pores around the hairline and, where possible, try to limit the use of hair products on days marked for a killer workout.


As soon as you’ve put down the weights, run your last few metres or finished your class, your first priority should be washing your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type and if you are particularly breakout-prone, consider the Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser . Designed for oily skin, it effectively removes excess oil and bacteria without stripping the skin of moisture.

Post-workout, shine-free and ready to go!

Post-workout, shine-free and ready to go!

And while it may be tempting, avoid jumping into a steaming hot shower after your exercise session as overly hot water can irritate sensitive skin, stripping away its essential moisture. In addition, try to not over-exfoliate or scrub the skin, as it can be more sensitive post-workout due to increased blood circulation.

Finally, following cleansing, apply a moisturiser such as the Ultra Hydrating Lotion to restore any moisture lost during your workout and soothe inflammation with a shine-free finish.

To start your journey to your best possible skin and discuss an exercise-proof skin regime, visit your local Ultraceuticals expert clinic for a consultation with one of our qualified Skin Technicians.