RVR90 2017 – Beating acne: Maddison’s story

Kym-Maree’s Beauty Room, Weipa QLD

Never before have young people been under so much pressure to look picture perfect. From selfies to snapchat, social media is awash with glowing complexions however, for many, the reality speaks of a different story, and for student Maddison Hugsdin acne was a hurdle she was desperate to overcome.

Arriving at Kym-Maree’s Beauty Room in February 2016, 15 year-old Maddison presented with skin that was visibly inflamed and sore, with pustules, comedones, milia and flaky skin, all characteristic of acne. Her normal to oily skin barrier was stripped and dehydrated with healing also impaired and it was clear there was no YouTube video to fix this chronic skin issue.

Maddison's RVR90 skin transformation

Maddison’s RVR90 skin transformation

RVR90 packs green

RVR90 Essentials – Oily/Normal Skin

In great overall health, Maddison, like many her age presented with a skin condition that was not only a curiosity — the big question ‘why?’ — but a blow to self-confidence. Yet from the moment she decided to trust her skin with Kym Prentice, on her birthday in fact, her complexion was about to change in a way she could never have imagined. And she couldn’t have given her skin a better present.

You see, Maddison, like her skin is young and resilient and within a couple of months there were dramatic improvements to the texture and clarity of her complexion. With hydration boosted, comedones clearer and hypersensitivity reduced, it was the Ultra Clear Range, designed specifically for acne and problematic skin, aided by two Vita-CLEAR Workout treatments using mandelic acid, which was the answer to Maddison’s SOS complexion perfection call.

90 days is a long time in the life of a teenager so this partnership required a blend of trust and patience, long and short-term skin goals. The pair shared text messages and photos after each treatment to keep Maddison motivated and her skin consistently supported.

Maddison’s confidence restored best of all the experience has set this teenager up with a great relationship. Not only with an expert skin therapist but with her own skin.

This is the story of growing pains and understanding, patience and commitment, and a relationship that will last a lifetime with real visible results.


Maddison and Skin Therapist, Kym Prentice

Maddison and Skin Therapist, Kym Prentice

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