RVR90 2017 – Beating hyperpigmentation: Sue-Ann’s Story

Katrina’s Skinworks, Burpengary QLD


Becoming aware of her pigmentation over a decade ago, 40 year-old real estate agent Sue-Ann Smith battled with her skin’s arch nemesis through three pregnancies where it progressively worsened —spreading through the cheek and forehead areas; and all the while her confidence dwindled.

Resulting in the purchase of many creams and remedies, Sue-Ann began to feel self-conscious and increasingly uneasy to go make-up free. A super woman in her work and home life, Sue-Ann was determined to liberate her skin from the hold that pigmentation had over her and so, one day her regular eyelash extension appointment turned skin consultation and the rest, as they say, is history!

Doubtful but nevertheless hopeful, Sue-Ann put her trust in skin therapist Kayla to guide her through products, weekly treatments and skin education. Sceptical but always determined, Kayla was excited by the challenge and, spurred on by Sue-Ann’s determination to complete the in-depth treatment plan, the pair would form a solid partnership.

Putting in the time to get to know her client, her healthy lifestyle, her commitment to her family, first and foremost it was important for Kayla to build trust and rapport — including understanding and explaining the root cause and cumulative effects of Sue-Ann’s melasma and the effects of the contraceptive pill. Such was the trust exhibited that Sue-Ann soon switched from an oestrogen-based to progesterone-based pill early in the treatment plan.

Weekly facials and fortnightly peels, totalling 11 treatments in all, are an incredibly high commitment for a working mum of three but like her gym training, this was something Sue-Ann was doing for herself and over time, as results began to improve, Sue-Ann’s confidence followed.

Sue-Ann's incredible skin transformation following RVR90

Before and After RVR90

The ‘a-ha’ moment itself came halfway through the program when looking in the car mirror Sue-Ann noticed an incredible difference, her confidence bounding through Kayla’s door for their next treatment. But this is a case of slow and steady wins the race with visible improvements resulting in skin being more hydrated, the fading and break down of pigmentation, and feedback surveys revealing not only physical improvement but an energy and excitement to continue the program as Sue-Ann felt more confident to not wear makeup.

The same commitment Sue-Ann applies to her gym training stood her in good stead for her skin journey, aided by an understanding that great results take time and consistency. It also takes a great trainer and for Sue-Ann’s skin that was Kayla.

This is the story of personal skin struggles, of dedication and time for self and of the lesson that physical changes really can go much more than skin deep with real visible results.




Sue-Ann’s incredible skin transformation following RVR90

Sue-Ann and Skin Therapist, Kayla Gilligan

Sue-Ann and Skin Therapist, Kayla Gilligan

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