RVR90 2017 – Beating premature skin ageing: Lee’s story

Rewind Skin Clinic, Paradise Point QLD

Think there’s less pressure on men to look great for their age? Not so. 45 year-old plumber Lee Martin set the bar high upon mentioning the likes of Brad Pitt in his list of skin goals but the team at Rewind Skin Clinic were confident that 90 days could do the job.

Having worked outdoors most of his life, Lee didn’t often give much thought to his skin. The odd application of SPF here and there, soap and water, or nothing at all, a skincare routine was for girls, wasn’t it?

And despite being committed to an active lifestyle and healthy diet, stress can wreak havoc on the best of skins. Lee’s was no different with visible signs of ageing around the eyes and cheeks, redness, uneven skin tone and dehydration apparent. And so his skin therapist’s challenge was set; to improve overall skin health, deliver a more radiant complexion and importantly, educate on skincare and skin hygiene. This was a gold-star pupil in the making.

Skin Type II, Lee’s skin barrier firstly needed to be repaired because you don’t build a house on shonky foundations and from there, renovations can begin; a concept Lee, as a tradie, was well aware of. Home care products were prescribed, which Lee followed diligently, alongside a series of treatments including Azyme, Micro, Direct Needle Therapy, and Vitapeel expertly prescribed by Serena.

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Initially overwhelmed by so many products, it was the revealed sun damage that encouraged Lee, propelling his journey forward with sheer determination. Noticing a difference in texture even after his first treatment, Lee continued a strong commitment to his skin, and himself, enjoying the home care routine and building confidence with each treatment.

And as the layers came off (literally), Lee’s confidence began to shine. Taking to social media to share his story of a brighter and healthier complexion people around began to notice and make comment. This from the man who months before did nothing, now empowered to take charge of his skin with an awareness like never before thanks to the expert education he received from Serena along the way.

Lee’s skin was neglected, now it was nourished and well on the way to rivalling the Hollywood complexion of Brad Pitt. The trust Lee showed in his therapist is evident in his diligence and now, a self-confessed convert, 90 days took Lee’s skin from zero to hero and a whopping 10 years younger — not so girly after all.

Before and After Lee's 90 day skin journey - #RVR90

Before and After Lee’s 90 day skin journey – #RVR90

This is the story of commitment to a future of great skin health, of education and passion for skin, of a proud client and even prouder therapist, and of overwhelming confidence and positivity with real visible results.


Lee Martin and Skin Therapist, Serena

Lee Martin and Skin Therapist, Serena

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