Set Your Sights on Red Carpet Ready Skin

With party season just around the corner it’s time to prep skin for that camera-ready healthy glow.

Summer is calling and with long hot nights comes Melbourne Cup, weddings, work functions and Christmas parties galore — all teamed with a killer outfit and flawless skin.  So in the age of social media, selfies and HD photography you’ll want to ensure your seasonal best: starting with healthy skin.

Going Back to Basics: The Month Before

Great skin lasts a lifetime but if you’ve neglected it a little over the winter months it’s time to hit it with a regime your personal trainer would be proud of. Whether your skin is stressed and sensitive, exhibiting signs of dryness and dullness, or prone to break-outs, increasing cell turnover is the key to new season skin.

Once you’ve returned to a regular skincare regime, as early as two weeks before your special occasion, invest in a professional exfoliating treatment. This helps to brighten the complexion by removing dead skin cells and leaving you with newer skin that’s healthier and hydrated.

If you’re looking for that Hollywood glow, try the Ultraceuticals A-Zyme Skin Workout.  This non-invasive treatment combines anti-ageing ingredients, Retinol and Bromelain so skin is refreshed, refined and hydrated. These ingredients work quickly to help plump the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles to improve luminosity.

Preparation Preparation: The Week Before

One of the foundations of good skin is an effective home skincare routine. Once you’ve exfoliated, you’ll have a blank canvas that is almost event-ready so keep hydration levels high with our Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum to restore vital moisture balance.


Hydration never goes out of style

Event skin is skin in training so consider a multi-action treatment such as the Ultraceuticals Vita-REPAIR Skin Workout which includes active ingredients including ProVitamin B5 and Vitamin B3 to deliver harmony to even the most stressed skin.

But don’t forget, happy skin doesn’t just reside on your face — take the time to treat the rest of your body with the same TLC for head to toe glow.

Cool, Calm & Collected: 24 Hours Before

You’ve laid the foundations for great event skin and so the evening prior, treat yourself to a relaxing night in with our Ultra Replenishing Mask to calm and hydrate. This must-have mask really is the perfect antidote to party season!


Relaxed skin is happy skin

And as the countdown well and truly begins, 15 minutes before makeup application apply our Ultra Energising Mask for a quick skin pick-me-up to revitalise and enhance all the work you’ve put in thus far; and to help makeup last all night long, use our Ultra Balancing Skin Mist to rehydrate skin one last time, setting everything in place as you walk out the door knowing you’re putting your best skin forward.

To start your journey to your best possible skin and discuss how you can get the most out of a pre-event skincare routine, visit your local Ultraceuticals expert clinic for a consultation with one of our qualified Skin Technicians.