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Our most frequently asked questions. What can we help you with? 



Are Ultraceuticals' products gluten free and suitable for people with Coeliac disease?
Ultraceuticals do not use any ingredients in the formulation containing gluten, however, the company cannot guarantee that the product is completely free of traces.
Therefore we do not recommend the use of our products to Coeliacs.
Do Ultraceuticals products contain nuts?

We use ingredients including almond glycerides, soy extract, shea butter extract, sunflower seed oil. We also use ingredients that are comprised of a variety of extracts, some of which are derived from a nut source. In addition to this, we cannot be certain whether or not some of our raw ingredients that we purchase from other suppliers have come into contact with nuts during the manufacturing process.

If you are concerned, we would advise doing a patch test to check for any allergic reactions before using any of our products. 

Does Ultraceuticals use natural ingredients?

Ultraceuticals is all about performance and efficacy; this is what makes a true cosmeceutical. Wherever we can obtain the results we need for our customers using natural ingredients, we will do so. We use many natural ingredients including Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Oat Flour, Borage Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and Liquorice Extract. Our natural ingredients are used at a level that will ensure results, and in many cases, this means using very expensive natural extracts at very high levels. Ingredients are obtained from non-genetically modified and environmentally sustainable resources where possible.

Are Ultraceuticals products vegan?

The majority of the ingredients used in our products are either synthetically derived or derived from plants. We use cholesterol derived from sheep’s wool in the below products, and we therefore cannot claim to be a vegan brand.

Cholesterol containing, non-vegan products include:

-Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream

-Ultra Replenishing Mask

-Ultra Hydrating Lotion

-Ultra Moisturiser Cream

-Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream

Does Ultraceuticals use synthetic fragrances?
We do not use any synthetic fragrance in our products - only essential oils or extracts. All our products are free of propylene glycol, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances.
Why does Ultraceuticals use alcohol in some of our formulations?

Ultraceuticals uses alcohol in some products where it is a critical element of the formulation to maximise the effectiveness of ingredients such as Vitamin C. In these cases, we are careful to limit the alcohol loading to a minimum requirement to minimise any possible adverse skin responses and drying effects, but as always discontinue use of signs of irritation appear.

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