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Acne or skin congestion is one of the most common skin concerns treated by skin therapists, affecting most people at some stage of their life. In fact, it is estimated that 85% of Australians aged between 15-24 years old suffer from acne or skin congestion. 

The cause

What causes acne & congestion?

Internal Factors

Our skin type is often inherited, which means the size and number of oil glands in the skin is determined by our genetic makeup. The levels of androgenic hormones (male hormones) in the body, controls the amount of sebum produced by the oil glands. When androgen levels increase, the skin responds by producing more sebum. Androgen levels fluctuate at different life stages with puberty and pregnancy being the two major stages in which these levels shift. 

 External Factors

Lifestyle factors such as stress can affect the activity of hormones, along with exposure to pollution (can clog pores), which can exacerbate the development of acne. Diets that are high in sugar have been associated with acne and some studies suggest dairy consumption can play a role in triggering acne and skin congestion.


Types of acne pimples

1: Sebum (secretion of the sebaceous glands) production increases, and accumulates behind a build up of dead skin cells
2: Closed comodone (whitehead) or open (blackhead) develops.
3: Sebum continues to accumulate, oxidises and inflammation occurs (papule).
4: Inflammatory response in an oxygen deprived environment means that infection develops.

Our Approach

How to reduce acne & congestion

The nature of acne is complex so for best results, a targeted, multi-step approach should be taken, considering both internal and external factors:

  • A great first step on the road to treating your acne is to book a skin consultation to allow a qualified skin therapist to thoroughly examine your skin and decide on a customised action plan. 
  • Take a 360-degree look at your diet and lifestyle – Try to keep stress levels to a minimum and ensure a healthy, balanced diet, that is low in refined sugars.
  • Stay committed – The acne development cycle is 3 months so to get the best results you will need to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle and skin regime.
  • Use specially formulated skincare to target and treat congestion. Go for non-comedogenic formulas – Avoid oil-based cosmetics to prevent clogged pores and further congestion.

the science behind our skincare

image description

The Ultra Clear Skincare System targets the acne development cycle, working to help absorb sebum, clear congestion, control lipid oxidation and soothe irritation, leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and blemish-free. 

Key Ingredients Spotlight

The Ultra Clear Skincare Range includes a complementary selection of ingredients that help to combat acne development. 

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid & Mandelic Acid 

Potent exfoliating ingredients that work together to unclog pores by preventing the build-up of dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of blemishes.

Clove Oil

Clove Oil 

A powerful antioxidant.



Soothes and moisturises skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E Phosphate, Allantoin & Aloe Vera

Special skin conditioning ingredients that work to soothe and calm the skin while minimising visible redness associated with acne.

  • Baseline image description
    ZoomAfter 3 months image description
  • Baseline image description
    ZoomAfter 3 months image description

real visible results

Ultra Clear Range

Eleven healthy panelists, between the ages of 20-40 years old, applied the products for three months. Panellists used the entire Ultra Clear Range including Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser and Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion daily, Ultra Clear Purifying Mask twice per week, Ultra Hydrating Lotion every night, and Ultra Clear Spot Treatment up to three times per day. All panellists used Ultraceuticals UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying during the day and didn’t apply any additional treatment products during the trial period.

CM (TOP) after using the Ultra Clear range for three months. Displayed an improvement in skintone and clarity, with less breakouts and comedones.  

DL (BOTTOM) after using the Ultra Clear range for three months.  Displayed an improvement in skintone and clarity, with less breakouts and comedones.  

Results may vary depending on individual skin types.

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The Solution is Ultra Clear. The Ultra Clear Range targets blemishes to visibly decongest skin, help soothe inflammation and reduce future breakouts.

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