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2 Products
  1. Ultra Retexturising Body Complex Image
    • Body
      • Normal
      • Dry
    Ultra Retexturising Body Complex
    Discover our new & improved dual-action exfoliator and moisturiser for the body, now with a hydrating B2 Complex, along with an improved aroma and sensory feel.
    • 200 mL
  2. Face & Body Recovery Cream Image
    • Moisturise
      • Normal
      • Dry
      • Oily
    Face & Body Recovery Cream

    Non-greasy formula containing a powerful blend of Soy Bean Extract, Tasmanian Berry Extracts and Vitamin E Phosphate to soothe dry skin post sun exposure.

    • 130 mL

Body Lotion

Every day your skin is exposed to several external aggressors that take away its natural glow and cause your skin to look dull and dry, so a body lotion may help keep your skin protected, hydrated, and moisturised. Lotions are lightweight compared to cream moisturisers . As a result, your skin absorbs lotion much more quickly and gives a lighter feel to your skin.

Our best body lotions at Ultraceuticals are formulated to help hydrate and restore the skin's suppleness. It contains barrier-moisturising ingredients that support the skin's own moisture-retaining properties, which helps to nourish skin's surface layers that tend to be compromised in oily, congested skin. It is also formulated with vital ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin that leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. Find the best body moisturiser at our online store today.

What is body lotion used for?

The skin on your body needs just as much care as the skin on your face. While you may be fully invested in your facial skincare routine, you may be neglecting the dry patches on your elbows or knees that also need some loving post-sun exposure.

Since they contain a higher percentage of water, body lotions are less viscous than creams. As a result, they have a thinner consistency, making them easier to spread. They are usually packaged in a bottle and are easy to apply. These body lotions feel great to use with their lightweight, non-greasy texture that is efficiently absorbed by the skin. Say goodbye to that dry and ashy complexion when you start using our body lotions at Ultraceuticals.

What are the benefits of using a body lotion?

A common step in people's skincare routines is applying body lotion. It is so versatile that even those who do not have a solid skin care routine often incorporate this product into their daily use. Here is a list of the great benefits they offer.

Hydrating the skin

With Australia's harsh climate in mind, this can make your skin dry and irritated. When your skin is exposed to pollution, sun rays, ever-changing weather and a range of other factors, your skin tends to get dry and less resilient in replenishing itself. Applying body lotion can help hydrate your skin to maintain its softness.

There is also a variety of scents available in skin care products, and lotions are no exception. With all the essential oils and natural extracts available, you are sure to have a scent that is distinctive and pleasant on its own. So using regular body lotions does not only moisturise your skin but it leaves you feelings and smelling great.

Smoothing rough spots

Whether you have dry or oily skin, you are not free of rough spots in your skin that usually occur on your knees, elbows, and the sole of your feet. These rough areas require constant hydration and moisturising to maintain their soft and supple condition.

Glowing skin

Skincare regimens can do wonders for your skin. Regularly applying body lotion improves skin appearance and supports the skin in terms of hydration. Body lotions come in various types and are used for deep nourishment. With consistent use and generous application, you may find yourself admiring the way your skin glistens after a few weeks, and this kind of glow is something we can help you achieve when you purchase our wonderful line of body lotions at Ultraceuticals.

Where can I buy a body lotion near me?

Ultraceuticals body lotion and other body care products are available online or in-store. Orders made in Australia are delivered for free by Australia Post standard delivery, which takes between 3 to 7 working days, depending on your location.

Having beautiful, radiant skin can be achieved by anyone. At Ultraceuticals, we aim to provide you with products that are designed to deliver real, visible results in as fast as 90 days. Our products are also free from animal testing.

Our premium quality range of products are also offered in select clinics, salons and medi-spas - use our store locator to find the ones offering our exclusive Ultraceuticals treatment menu. We have a wide array of skin care products to help you with common skin concerns. Some of our best skincare products include exfoliators , skin moisturiser , cleanser , body cream , eye creams , vitamin C skincare , and acne products .

Before starting your skin care journey, we recommend consulting with our skin experts and estheticians to help you decide on the right products according to your needs. We are always happy to help you take care of your skin with the best products and treatments that are most suitable for your skin type. Shop with us today and see the glow in your skin in as fast as 90 days.

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