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Ultra Skin Online Consultation

The journey to your best-ever skin starts here!

It all starts with a skin advice session. Within this free, 20-minute session, you will chat with our Ultra Skin Experts, who will talk through your skincare concerns and create a tailored skincare routine and/or professional treatment routine that will transform your skin over 90 days.

Ultra Skin Online Consultations take place via Zoom at the comfort of your own home, with no consultation fees.

Customer Reviews

100% of 100

*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individual skin conditions

  1. Amazing

    By Sabrina

    Angela was amazing! Really thorough and she totally got the idea of the products I need with my lifestyle given I'm a shift worker. I can't wait to talk to her again! :)
    Skin Consultation

    By Donna

    It was lovely to meet Vanessa. She was friendly, engaging and so easy to speak to about my skin concerns and discussing products moving forward. I look forward to our future meetings. Thank you Vanessa. Warm regards Donna
    Skin Consultation

    By Kellie

    I had my skin consultation with Jessica this morning, definitely worth the time. I was apprehensive about booking due to time limitations but this investment paid off. I can now confidently purchase the products that suit me.
  2. 5 Star

    By Jayne

    I felt that Miriam was easy to feel comfortable with on a personal journey.
    Highly recommend zoom consultation

    By Alisa

    I had a zoom consultation with Amy, she was very friendly and addressed all the key issues/concerns I had regarding my skin. She provided me a great skin care routine and products I should buy which would help with the issues/problems I would like to tackle. Highly recommend customers to try this. She provided information in a clear and precise manner and I did not feel like I was pressure to try or buy a particular product and I can use what I already have at home and may be try them try Ultraceutical products at another time. I didn't feel as if the consultation was rushed at all any questions I had she was happy to answer and if she didn't know she advised/recommended me to seek another professional to help answer my question. I'll definitely book another consultation after I purchase some of the products and try them out.
    Amy was amazing to deal with!

    By Huntin

    Amy was amazing to deal with! Gave me a much better understanding of my skin and you can tell how much passion she puts into her work!
  3. Skin Consultation

    By Christina

    Vanessa was amazing! She was friendly, thorough and informative. I look forward to seeing her again in our next consultations!

    By Michelle

    Just had my first free.... consultation with Vanessa, wow what she doesn't know about Ultraceuticals is not worth knowing. Product & industry knowledge was top notch. She even suggested fish oil would help out with my redness. Just ordered most of the products she recommended, the cost did impact on my ability to buy all. See how I go after the next month. Cannot wait! Thanks Vanessa
    Helpful and Efficient

    By Trish

    Vanessa knew her products and was very helpful. She always called on time for our zoom meetings and she emailed out clear instructions and plan for my skin straight after our consultations.
  4. The 20-min consultation was excellent!

    By helen

    I'm so happy to have all my concerns checked and answered. My UC skin expert Courtnie is wonderful. Highly recommended!
    Amazing experience and results!

    By Diego

    I had an amazing experience during my 3 month consultation process with Vanessa. She was able to deeply understand my specific concerns and work towards a solution that I felt comfortable taking on board. I have an oily skin that is also extremely sensitive and I have several negative experiences trying to find the right products. Vanessa was very professional and patient taking me through a journey of adapting to new products and I got amazing results! My skin hasn't been this amazing in years and it feels great! Thank you so much Vanessa, I learned a lot and my skin will be always grateful to you! :)
    Virtual skin consultation

    By Nicole

    Very informative, professional and comfortable virtual zoom. I am excited to begin my ultraceuticals journey! Thank you Amy!
  5. Super friendly and knowledgeable

    By Aurelie

    Vanessa took the time to explain not only the brand story but also each product benefits for my skin. It was a pleasant consult and I am confident I am in good hands :)
    Great experience

    By Kay

    Amy is very professional and patient. Great experience!
    Great service

    By Chloe

    My skin consultation with Vanessa was wonderful. She is clearly very knowledgeable about the products and ensured I was heard and felt comfortable. I am excited for my new skin program, looking forward to the results.
  6. 5 star

    By Marion

    Vanessa is a absolute pleasure. Explains and communicate s everything easily.
    I look forward to our next meeting.
    Friendly and knowledgable

    By Melinda

    Vanessa was so friendly, easy to talk to, and very knowledgable! I learned a lot and look forward to making the most of the products to see results in my skin. Thank you!

    By Elise

    My consult with Vanessa was great! She was very knowledgeable, demonstrated how to apply the products and provided options for me when transitioning to Ultra Ceuticals.
    I am looking forward to my follow-up!
  7. Friendly and informative

    By Sonia

    Vanessa clearly explained what each product would do, why it was being suggested for my skin type and how to use correctly. I felt very comfortable talking to Vanessa and asking questions.
    5 Star

    By Elaine

    Vanessa was amazing, she took the time to understand my skin concerns and tailored a plan for me. Can’t wait to try out the products recommended. She gave a lot of tips and looking forward to the follow up to see how the plan progresses. Thanks again :)
    Best advise I have received on a skin care routine EVER!!!

    By Imelda

    Vanessa was fantastic! She took the time to understand my skin concerns and what I wanted to achieve form my skin care routine.
    I didn't know what half of the products I own actually do until today. Vanessa went though each of the products I currently have and what other products would help improve me skin. She was friendly, explained the ingredients of the products with easy to understand meanings and examples. I'd highly recommend Vanessa to my friends and Ultraeuticals products.
  8. Super friendly and helpful

    By Kate

    I'm blown away that Ultraceuticals offer free skin consults, and was extremely impressed with the help Lupka gave me sorting out a nice and simple routine to start me off on my skincare journey. Until now, my attempts at improving my complexion have gone so far as to use a supermarket moisturiser and face wash! After figuring out the basic selection of products to begin with, I'm looking forward to receiving my online order soon, and building from there. Thanks again Lupka :)

    By Diane

    Many thanks to Courtnie, a very professional and helpful person. Gave me all the information I needed. Very much appreciated.
    Looking forward to trying it all out and having clearer skin!

    By Flynn

    Thank you Sarah for your time today. You were super friendly and made it all so simple for a teenage boy!
  9. Lupka is amazing

    By Kathy

    My consultation was thorough, and my consultant is knowledgeable, kind, and funny. It was enjoyable, and I am looking forward to my new skin care journey.
    Vanessa is amazing.

    By Brittany

    She can confidently answer any questions and has a passion for the brand as she believes in the results. I initially took up the opportunity as I’ve never had a skin consult before and feel I always waste money on products that don’t get me results. I was apprehensive about being pressured to spend so much money. But Vanessa made the process super easy with no pressure. Just follow her advice and trust the results. 2 months in and my skin is looking the best It has. I always go for a full coverage foundation and now starting to duck out of the house without worrying about foundation at all. I’m excited for the 90 day mark with the full protocol implementation and looking forward to the day I can confidently go to work without foundation on as well as knowing in putting in the time and money now to hopefully see the rewards as I age. Vanessa has been fantastic- even when i mistakenly messed up my order.
    Highly recommended

    By Chelsea

    My consultation with Sarah was wonderful, she was very welcoming and easy to communicate with. She took the time to explain how each product works and sent me a skin plan to help with my concerns straight away.
  10. Looking forward to trying it all out and having clearer skin!

    By Flynn

    Thank you Sarah for your time today. You were super friendly and made it all so simple for a teenage boy!
    Looking forward to start seeing results

    By Sana

    Vanessa was so knowledgeable and recommended a great selection of products, which I am loving so far.
    Was good to connect with Vanessa online

    By Monalisa

    Was good to connect with Vanessa online in these difficult times, hoping for some good results.
    Hoping for exciting specials to buy in lockdown.
  11. Received a lot of valuable information from Vanessa

    By Nataliia

    very happy with my program
    My consultation with Sarah was so helpful!

    By Ashlee

    I didn't realise how far I had strayed from my ideal skincare path. Sarah was very knowledgeable, gave great explanations, and was just lovely to speak to and learn from. I really appreciate that these online skin consultations exist. Thank you, Sarah!
    Vanessa was absolutely amazing.

    By Hayat

    She gave me educated advice on my skin. She performed a through consultation and paid attention to detail. I would highly recommend her. I will definitely be purchasing her recommended products.
  12. I had a lovely video consultation with Sarah today.

    By Amy

    As a long time Ultraceuticals customer, I wanted to touch base to run through my current concerns and adjust my regime where needed. Due to the current lockdown in my state, I haven’t been able to see my clinician for several months so a consult with an Ultraceuticals expert was the perfect alternative! I’m so glad I met with Sarah and she made some great recommendations that I’m already excited to try. Thank you Sarah for your time today, I’m looking forward to our follow up to give you an update soon x
    The products are amazing

    By Maria

    Wow-Sarah was fantastic she really explained how to use the products correctly. Thank you
    Thanks Sarah!

    By Celeste

    I booked a consultation via zoom due to the lockdowns. I wasn't really sure how this would go. Sarah made me feel very comfortable and knew exactly what she was talking about. She answered all of my questions and created a skin routine suitable for me. Sarah has alreday booked in a followup zoom with me to see how I am tracking with the new skin routine. I have been very impressed. Thanks Sarah!
  13. Great

    By Kat

    Really appreciated such personalised advice. Great customer service.

    By Emily Raz

    Vanessa is one of the best skin consultants, she is so warm and welcoming from the start of the appointment. She is full of laughs and feels like I'm chatting to a friend!!
    Not to mention, the most helpful, explicit instructions to get the best possible outcome for my skin. Full of knowledge and advice. Actually amazing!!!
    Amazing online consultation

    By Loretta

    Wow!! Vanessa is so knowledgeable, not only did she explain how each product should be applied, she also explained the science behind the products.
    I cannot wait to get my skin back on track and looking forward to reviewing in a month's time.
    Thank you so much Vanessa.
  14. Very Well Informed Consult!

    By Paris Tayler

    I had such an amazing consult with Sarah, she was so well informed and helped me understand why the things that are happening with my skin are rather then just suggesting the products. I can’t wait to receive my products! Sarah made me excited about my skin care journey. Thanks again :?
    Exceeded expectations!

    By Henrietta

    My consultation with Vanessa was informative, friendly, concise and felt really personal. She presents as well educated, professional and very genuinely invested in choosing the right products for me in the long term. Provided me with a detailed treatment plan, explaining the how and the why behind each product which is incredibly helpful and supportive. In addition to this, shared ways to purchase the products most effectively. The follow up appointments feel reassuring in that there is space to make adjustments and that there is a true investment in wanting these products to succeed for me.
    Couldn't recommend this enough!
    Amazing Consultation

    By Shay

    Vanessa was fantastic. Talked me through in great detail what Ultraceuticals products would work best for me. She even gave me a great skin plan that I can use!
  15. Thank you Vanessa

    By Cathy

    Vanessa was so friendly and helpful. Made me feel very comfortable and talked me through the products one by one. I look forward to meeting with her again for an update on the products I have started to use.
    Thank You Vanessa!

    By Jen

    Wow - Vanessa really has given me confidence about getting the kind of skin I want. She's super knowledgable, approachable, friendly and kind - it's easy to work with her and I am so excited about improving my skin. I've been using Ultraceuticals products for about a year based on a friends recommendation and seen great results. Now i feel empowered with steps of how to get my skin in even better condition so I can feel confident at the beach without makeup. Exactly the kind of guidance i was looking for. Really appreciate it! Everyone should do this consultation. Well worthwhile
    Solutions for my stressed skin at last!

    By Aimee

    I had a virtual consultation with Sarah today and I came off Zoom feeling very confident that the issues with my skin will finally improve. Not only was Sarah very easy to talk to and understanding, but she was incredibly knowledgeable and professional too. She has tailor made a skin treatment plan, for my acne prone skin, to begin immediately and also for on going treatment in the future. I will be checking in with her so we can track my progress. I feel confident and calm about my skin for the first time in years. Thank you Sarah! I will be highly recommending this service to my friends and family.
  16. Thank you so much Vanessa

    By Leigh M

    Thankyou so much Vanessa for taking the time today to provide all the valuable information regarding my skin. Vanessa is so knowledgeable and professional, she makes you feel so comfortable and is so helpful. Looking forward to working with her going forward over the next few months to get the perfect skin using Ultraceuticals
    An excellently, personalised and informative skin consultation

    By Amanda

    Peeps…. We are in lockdown! Now is the chance to regenerate ourselves, and rebirth our skin…. And my skin consultation was just that! Sarah was awesome via zoom, listened to my issues and carefully selected products to meet my needs and budget. An excellent investment and brilliant use of time. Than, you team, thank you Sarah!!!
    Amazing knowledge

    By ReneeB

    Vanessa is so knowledgeable about all of the products and your skins needs. She made me feel very comfortable. I am only 3 weeks into my new skin plan and I have seen amazing results on a problem that dermatologists haven’t been able to fix for me. Cannot wait to see the results at the end of the 3 months
  17. Very professional and helpful

    By Kathy

    Thank you Vanessa for taking the time to provide valuable information and support. I appreciate your professionalism and friendly approach. I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

    By priyanka

    I had my online consultation with Vanessa. She’s an absolute gem. She explained everything in and easy-to-understand layman language. I am happy there was no force like other companies, to buy the products. It was an honest recommendation only. Not only did she explain what to use, she explained how to use it and also the ingredients. This is coming from someone who has suffered from hormonal acne for more than 3 years.
    Very professional

    By Judith

    On time, explained new products well and advised on an amended skin care plan. Did not make fanciful claims of what a skin product can achieve, always credible. Very friendly and approachable.
  18. Amazing consult with Amy

    By Tash

    I suffer from dry sensitive skin and my skin consult with Amy today gave me the reassurance and information needed in how to incorporate new products into my skin care routine. How knowledge was extensive and made me feel very comfortable in which products to introduce. The ability to book in follow up appointments to help tailor an individual skin care routine is amazing. Couldn't recommend Amy enough.
    Amazing consult with Vanessa

    By Tash

    I struggle with dry, sensitive skin and my zoom consult with Vanessa gave me confidence and the right information and reassurance needed to introduce new products into my skin care routine. The ability to book in follow up appointments with the same professional is amazing too to help build on knowledge and help to refine a personal skin care routine.
    Amazing online service!

    By Mary

    Due to the Melbourne lockdown, I decided to try the online consultation with Amy which was super convenient and helpful! I have been using Ultraceutical products for just over a year now and wanted professional recommendations for my skin care routine before purchasing more products.
  19. Best Skin Consult!

    By Zara

    I had a skin consult with Vanessa and she was amazing! She was so informative, bubbly, and gave me so many tips and tricks to try for my skin. The personalised plans are concise, easy to read and there was definitely no pressure or extensive talk about buying products etc. Vanessa answered all of my questions in a way that truly made sense! I can't wait for my next consult. Thank you!
    Excellent online skin consultation!

    By Chloe

    I had an amazing experience at my online skin consultation with Vanessa! She was super friendly and knowledgeable about skin care and the products I require to get the results I am after.

    I thought I could pick the products I needed, but it turns out I was a little off - Vanessa gave me the confidence to pick the correct products for my hormonal skin. I would highly recommend you take the time to do the consultation - I am looking forward to my next appointment and also cannot wait to see the results!
    Online skin consult - Vanessa

    By Andrea

    I had an online skin consult with Vanessa on Friday. I was a little apprehensive as I didn't want to be pressured into buying products etc., but Vanessa was absolutely amazing! She was so helpful, knowledgeable and really listened to what I wanted to gain from my 90 day skin journey within my budget. I felt so comfortable and reassured and I am very excited to see my results!
  20. Excellent Zoom Skin Consultation

    By Marie

    Amy was very helpful and knowledgeable. Although I've been using the product for many years, it had been a while since I had spoken with a consultant. I'm so glad I got to speak with Amy and have taken her advice. I thought I received excellent customer service.
    Incredible Service!

    By Jules

    Many thanks Amy for your knowledgeable and caring service this afternoon. I feel so confident that you have given expert advice for my 14 year old daughter.

    We both look forward to seeing the results over the next few months, following the detailed step by step plan.

    I have been using UltraCeuticals now for 8 years and have always been extremely happy with the range.
    Amazing results in just 1 month

    By Jon

    Vanessa was super friendly snd so knowledgeable about the products. I have just had my 1 month follow up consultation and I am so impressed with my results. She has guided me through the steps is the skincare regime that she has recommended for me. She obviously knows what she is talking about because my results have been amazing and in just 1 month. Highly recommend Vanessa as a skincare consultant. Fabulous!
  21. Check of all current products and recommendations due to major skin issues

    By Tori

    I had a review today with Vanessa I have to say it was fantastic, I know understand the product more than I did before, she has been really helpful and given me great guidance for moving forward. Can't thank her enough
    Thank you so much for your time!

    By Gershwin C

    - Very warm and friendly customer service
    - Extremely knowledgeable with her insights into skin care and regimes
    - Easy to talk to and resolved all questions asked
    - Extremely happy with the customer service received!
    Amazing online skin consultation!

    By Nothara

    Vanessa was amazing and super helpful! She had so much knowledge and I felt confident that I could trust her advice even over a zoom call.

    She scheduled follow up consultations to see the progress and support me along the way. Ultraceuticals definitely excels in their products and service.
  22. Exceeded expectations - Vanessa is fantastic!

    By Shani

    I am so glad I booked in this online skin consultation and would recommend to anyone looking for an individually-tailored skin routine. I've been purchasing Ultraceuticals products for a while but without any guidance on what would be best for my skin or how to address my specific skin concerns.

    Vanessa was so friendly and helpful in answering my (many!) questions, offered fantastic advice, and wrote up a clear step-by-step routine for my skin over the next couple of months.

    During the consultation, Vanessa made me feel at ease and never rushed me through the process - in fact, she kindly stayed way over the allocated consultation time to ensure I had all the information I needed, and I really appreciate that level of dedication to customer service! It made me want to continue being a loyal Ultraceuticals customer.

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