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Online Skin Consultation

The journey to your best ever skin starts here!
Book a consultation with an Ultra Skin Expert, who will talk through your skincare concerns and create a tailored skincare routine that will transform your skin over 90 days.
Online skin consultations can take place via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Book online or call our Skin Consultation Line on +61 0422 102 449.
  • 20 minutes
Fully redeemable against any products purchased
Estimated Delivery5
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Select your preferred date & time. An Ultraceuticals representative will get in touch with you to confirm availability of your chosen times.
Appointments are available Monday - Friday between 10:00AM-04:00PM AEST. PROCEED TO THE CHECKOUT TO SECURE YOUR VIRTUAL SKIN CONSULTATION
10 Reviews

*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individual skin conditions

  1. Received a lot of valuable information from Vanessa

    By Nataliia

    very happy with my program*
    My consultation with Sarah was so helpful!

    By Ashlee

    I didn't realise how far I had strayed from my ideal skincare path. Sarah was very knowledgeable, gave great explanations, and was just lovely to speak to and learn from. I really appreciate that these online skin consultations exist. Thank you, Sarah!*
    Vanessa was absolutely amazing.

    By Hayat

    She gave me educated advice on my skin. She performed a through consultation and paid attention to detail. I would highly recommend her. I will definitely be purchasing her recommended products.*
  2. I had a lovely video consultation with Sarah today.

    By Amy

    As a long time Ultraceuticals customer, I wanted to touch base to run through my current concerns and adjust my regime where needed. Due to the current lockdown in my state, I haven’t been able to see my clinician for several months so a consult with an Ultraceuticals expert was the perfect alternative! I’m so glad I met with Sarah and she made some great recommendations that I’m already excited to try. Thank you Sarah for your time today, I’m looking forward to our follow up to give you an update soon x*
    The products are amazing

    By Maria

    Wow-Sarah was fantastic she really explained how to use the products correctly. Thank you*
    Thanks Sarah!

    By Celeste

    I booked a consultation via zoom due to the lockdowns. I wasn't really sure how this would go. Sarah made me feel very comfortable and knew exactly what she was talking about. She answered all of my questions and created a skin routine suitable for me. Sarah has alreday booked in a followup zoom with me to see how I am tracking with the new skin routine. I have been very impressed. Thanks Sarah!*
  3. Great

    By Kat

    Really appreciated such personalised advice. Great customer service. *

    By Emily Raz

    Vanessa is one of the best skin consultants, she is so warm and welcoming from the start of the appointment. She is full of laughs and feels like I'm chatting to a friend!!
    Not to mention, the most helpful, explicit instructions to get the best possible outcome for my skin. Full of knowledge and advice. Actually amazing!!!*
    Amazing online consultation

    By Loretta

    Wow!! Vanessa is so knowledgeable, not only did she explain how each product should be applied, she also explained the science behind the products.
    I cannot wait to get my skin back on track and looking forward to reviewing in a month's time.
    Thank you so much Vanessa.*
  4. Very Well Informed Consult!

    By Paris Tayler

    I had such an amazing consult with Sarah, she was so well informed and helped me understand why the things that are happening with my skin are rather then just suggesting the products. I can’t wait to receive my products! Sarah made me excited about my skin care journey. Thanks again :?*
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