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Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum

This product should only be used by those whose skin has been pre-conditioned with NEW Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum Mild. This new formula contains new and improved Ultra-RETI™ microparticle technology and delivers higher levels of pure Retinol to the skin. We highly recommend this stepped approach to ensure a comfortable experience with your Retinol journey.

Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while plumping the skin. Contains a high level of exclusive Ultra-RETI™ Retinol microparticles, an advanced Retinol delivery technology.  

This product is part of the Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range and is also available in two other strengths, Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum Mild and Ultra A Skin Perfecting Intense Booster, as well as the Ultra A Perfecting Eye Cream.

We recommend this product be applied in the evening.

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Refer to our FAQ page for advice on the use of products containing Vitamin A (Retinol).
  • 30 mL




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why correct?

Ultraceuticals treatment serums are the key step in any skincare routine designed to help visibly improve the appearance of your skin concerns.

They contain high concentrations of active cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that are designed to target concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and congestion. Ultraceuticals has developed advanced delivery technology to enhance skin absorption.

Start slow!

It is important to build tolerance in your skin when using cosmeceutical grade ingredients. All Ultraceuticals treatment products should be applied as recommended on the packaging every second day for the first 2-4 weeks. After this, you can begin to incorporate the product into your daily routine.

Mild is not weak!

It is very important that you begin by using the Mild strength treatment serums from each range. These mild products are still highly effective; starting here just helps to properly acclimatise your skin to the concentrated ingredients. Once you have finished your first bottle of the Mild-strength serum, you can progress to the next level of formula concentration.

Have a question about this product? We have qualified Skin Therapists online, who can assist with your inquiry. 
Book your free, Online Skin Consultation here.
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Warnings: Avoid direct contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.

how to useUltraA Skin Perfecting Serum 

We recommend this product be applied in the evening.
Apply once a day to face and neck on alternate days, gradually building to daily use as tolerated. Always apply SPF30 or SPF50 during the day when using Ultraceuticals corrective serums.

  1. Apply once a day to the face on alternate days for 2-4 weeks and then increase usage as tolerated. For some, temporary dryness may occur. Always apply a highly hydrating moisturiser after the product has been absorbed into the skin.

  2. Gently massage onto face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

  3. Always apply SPF30 or SPF50 during the day when using Ultraceuticals corrective products.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on individual skin conditions

  1. Great for adult acne

    By Anna

    I've been using this Vit A for a year and it has done wonders for my adult acne. Adult acne has decreased significantly since incorporating this into my routine. Does a great job at bringing blind pimples to the surface as well. Don't be scared to try it out - caused minimal purging at the start (as expected). A pea size goes a long way. I can't wait for my retinol nights! *
    Significant results

    By Lia

    I've been using the 'mildest' Ultra A serum for the last couple of weeks and from initial use I've seen consistent improvement upon my skin which has bore long-term acne scarring and some pigmentation. The formula is smooth, easily absorb-able and does not irritate the skin in the slightest. My complexion looks plump, even-toned, soft and fresh. I'm really amazed at the efficiency of this product and look forward to graduating to the higher strengths in time. Very happy this Serum is Aussie made - high quality, yielding significant results. *
    Smooths Fine Line

    By Jyoti

    The cylindrical shaped pump bottle looks luxe and is comfortable to use, dispensing the serum with ease and without any bacterial transfer. The serum is a creamy off white/beige colour, with a gorgeous mild sandalwood scent.

    After cleansing, I apply this to my face at night and let it absorb into my skin for a few minutes before applying a moisturiser over it. Being a retinol serum, I was worried it would cause irritation but I've finished an entire bottle of this and can attest that I never experienced any sensitivity, redness itching or peeling of my skin using this product.

    Consistent use of this serum every night has smoothed out the fine lines on my forehead and around my eye area. My skin looks brighter, plumped out and youthful, giving my face a lit-from-within glow. I've noticed I use less makeup to cover and conceal imperfections now because its just either not there anymore or been minimized.

    I would say the Ultra A serum is well worth the high price tag because with nightly use, it lasts 4-5 months and gave me visible results. I have since moved on to a higher concentration of this product as recommended by my skin consultant.

    Note: use retinol products only at night and a high spf during the day. *

    By marc

    Love it... goes on smooth and feels luxurious on skin. No burning sensation. No reactions. Just love it.*
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