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The most important first step to take on your journey to achieving great skin is to book in for a professional consultation at an Ultraceuticals salon, medi spa or clinic. Ultraceuticals is available at leading skin clinics across Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ireland and the USA. If you live overseas, you can book in for a Skype consultation with one of our Ultra Skin Experts.

Your Ultra Skin Technician

The Skin Experts and Therapists who work with Ultraceuticals are highly trained professionals with a deep understanding of how the skin works, and how each of our products and treatments can be used to target skin concerns from acne to ageing – you can find out more about common skin concerns here. During your initial visit to the skin clinic, your technician will guide you through a thorough Skin Health Check consult (around 30 minutes long) to help establish your skin type, general health, skin concerns, goals and expectations.

Professional Skin Consultation

The consultation

The technician will perform a non-invasive skin analysis, examining your skin and recording what they find in your consultation booklet. They may take a ‘before’ photo to be revisited after you have completed your skin journey. As skin changes on a daily basis, it is often helpful to track your progress with photos along the way to assess how close you are to achieving your ultimate skin goals.

A personalised treatment journey is prescribed which outlines a 90-day program of in-salon treatments and a home care prescription. Your skin journey starts with a month of using essential homecare products including the correct cleanser for your skin type, a hydrating serum, a moisturiser and SPF protection as well as one targeted treatment product which is specifically prescribed to target your core concern and contains a higher concentration of actives. This first month is designed to support your skin barrier and prepare your skin for the rest of the program. Over the 2nd and third month of your skin journey, the technician may introduce additional targeted corrective products. Our treatment products contain cutting-edge technology and powerful ingredients that help deliver real visible results for the skin.

Results in 90 days

In most cases, you can expect to see improvements in your skin after 90 days (sometimes even sooner!). At the end of the initial 90 days, your salon or clinic may recommend a maintenance program to keep your skin in the best possible health. We want you to feel your best for the moments that matter to you, always.

What's Next?

The first step on the journey to your best ever skin is a visit to your local Ultra expert for a customised skin prescription. Your Skin Expert will be able to recommend a program of treatments to compliment your homepage regimen. For a quick start option today, you can online take our online consultation

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