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Australian cosmetic pioneer

Dr. Geoffrey Heber is a cosmetic physician who opened one of the first non-surgical cosmetic medical clinics in Australia, Heber Davis Cosmetic Medicine, in 1988. It was there he recognized his clients' needs for high-performance skincare products. In 1991, Dr. Heber founded Doctors Formula, the first Australian distributor of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products, to cosmetic medical clinics, the beauty industry, and pharmacies.

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best practices & quality products

In 1998, determined to improve upon imported skincare ranges on the market, Dr. Heber formed a powerful team of Australian and international pharmacists charged with the goal of creating potent, effective, and affordable cosmeceutical skincare products — and Ultraceuticals was founded. Each Ultraceuticals product isn't merely created - it's scientifically tested and proven - and trialed on the people who would use it to ensure their satisfaction.

We can give people the clear, glowing, firm and healthy skin that transforms lives. We have seen it time and time again. If desired, our Ultra Skin Experts can give a personalised skincare recommendation to help. Dr. Geoffrey Heber

Dr. Heber nowadays

Today Dr. Heber continues to be passionate about high-performance products and the well-being people experience from feeling good about their skin. He continues to work closely with leading researchers and scientists to uncover up-to-the-minute combinations of effective ingredients in efficient formulations. Before leaving active medical practice to focus on Ultraceuticals Dr Heber was a Founding Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia. He completed his medical degree at the University of NSW and has an MBA from the University of Sydney. Dr. Heber has regularly presented at cosmetic medical conferences for many years.

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