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Ultraceuticals performance facial treatments are available in our partner Salons and Medispas. Find your nearest Salon or Medispa here

Your skin is unique, and your skin treatment should be too. After a thorough Skin Consultation, your professional Skin Expert or esthetician will create your bespoke Skin Journey plan to address concerns like dryness, dullness, the first signs of premature skin aging, uneven skin tone, congestion, breakouts, and enlarged pores.  With customized, innovative treatments, plus your home care plan, you can expect to enjoy radiant, healthy glowing skin in 90 days. 

SKIN EXPERT TIP: To achieve the best results, book in for a series of three treatments with a minimum of two weeks between each.


From 60 mins

MAY INCLUDE: Welcome massage, sonophoresis corrective serum infusions, signature massage, and customized performance mask, vitabrasion
and hydrobrasion.

WHO FOR: suitable for normal, dry, and oily skin
RESULTS: hydrated, dewy, clean skin
OPTION: add on microdermabrasion


From 45 mins

MAY INCLUDE: Welcome massage, sonophoresis deep cleanse, sonophoresis corrective serum infusions and pre-peel prep, customized exfoliation/peel, customized performance mask. Combine any Ultra Treatment with Sonophoresis Corrective Serum Infusions and /or Microdermabrasion for accelerated results.


Brightening Accelerator mask with a cocktail of tried and tested ingredients to deliver a more even and smooth skin tone.
KEY CONCERNS:  dull, uneven skin tone


Lactic acid increases support in the skin creating plumpness and instant dewiness.
KEY CONCERNS:  dry, dehydrated, lackluster


Mandelic acid targets excess oil and cell build-up to provide skin clarity and a deep cleanse.
KEY CONCERNS:  congested, breakout-prone skin



A-Zyme™ peel combines Retinol and Enzymes to deliver outstanding results for normal, dry, and oily skins.
KEY CONCERNS:  premature skin aging and uneven skin tone


From 45 mins

These highly effective and advanced treatments are truly a bespoke experience. Your professional Skin Expert may combine, sonophoresis deep cleanse and corrective serum infusion, microdermabrasion, hydroplus + peel infusion, double exfoliation/peel, needling, and other modalities to create maximum efficacy that delivers Real and Visible Results.

Booster Plus +

30 mins, or combined with a skin treatment

Why stop with treating just your face – we target other areas of concerns with equal passion and corrective ingredients for extended results.

Decolletage - sun-damaged, premature aging, uneven skin tone, congestion.
Eyes – fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness
Back – uneven skin, congested, uneven skin tone and texture
Hand and arm – dry, sun-damaged, uneven skin tone and texture
Feet - rough, uneven texture




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